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MBA Class of '17 Launches Careers Across Industries, Reaching 89% Full Employment

April 2, 2018

The A Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management (AGSM) is a leading school for employment in Inland Southern California. The MBA graduating class of 2017 reached 89% full-time employment in 2017, with an average starting salary at over $79K and an average signing bonus of $12K.

The MBA program has consistently climbed in rankings to place at No. 89 for Best Full-time MBA Programs. As the UCR School of Business continues to rise in rankings in the top 100 Best Business Schools, MBA graduates are accelerating their careers as they become in high demand by employers across industries.

Full-time MBA graduates are mostly early career professionals with an average age of 26 and 2 to 3 years of work experience. 64.5% were employed in the U.S.A and 35.5% were employed internationally. The diversity of the class of 2017 is also reflected in their professional paths. The top four industries that MBAs entered were Media & Entertainment (16%), Technology (16%), Consumer Products & Retail (13%), and Financial Services (10%).  9% of MBA graduates are entrepreneurs or self-employed, while 7% will continue to pursue higher education as Ph.D. students.

In the past three years MBA graduates were hired by the Big 4, Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and government organizations. Some of the employers include Amazon, Deloitte, Esri, AEG Worldwide, Toyota, Dell, Kaiser Permanente, Ernst & Young, PWC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UNIS, FBI, Disney Resorts, and Vanguard. 

Graduate employment success is largely attributed to the innovative and well-rounded career training that students receive at the onset of their MBA program. The AGSM Career Development Center has implemented a required course that focuses on professional skills. All Full-time MBAs enroll in the 2-credit Business Career Development Course (MGT 402) in their first year, which consists of practical training, guest speakers and networking activities, as well as company tours.

“Many of our MBAs are young professionals and this course is critical as they navigate their career paths, from the early stages of identifying target careers, all the way through interviews and negotiating job offers,” explains John Mattson, director of the AGSM Career Development Center. One of the most in-demand classes is Negotiation for Managers (MGT 220), as business students are recognizing the value of career training in an MBA program and courses focused on communication and people skills.

For more information about the AGSM Career Development Center, to employ students or participate as a speaker or trainer, contact John Mattson, director of the AGSM Career Development Center, at or call (951) 827-6202.


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