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SoBA and BCOE Students Collaborate on Business Plan Presentations

AGSM Read Across America(March 24, 2014)

On Friday, March 14, 2014, the SoBA/BCOE consultancy collaborative completed its third annual business plan presentations.  During the winter term, selected SoBA undergraduate and graduate students serve as business consultants to bioengineering teams completing their senior design projects.  Three years ago, course instructor and bioengineering faculty member Hyle Park approached the business school to bring a more multi-disciplinary and rounded, real-world approach to the course.  Together with business lecturer Sean Jasso, they have developed and continue to refine a course structure in which each of these groups consult with business students to develop a business plan for a hypothetical biotech startup centered around their projects.  This past quarter, 78 bioengineering seniors worked with 18 business students in 14 groups, each of which presented their business plans to high-level scientists and consultants from Medtronic, microFluent, and Philips Healthcare.

Below are some samples of the projects developed by the SoBA/BCOE collaborative:

With the ever increasing number of infant mortalities in developing countries and the lack of adequate methods for neonatal urine collection, bioengineering students Veronica Boulos, Melissa Cruz, Sara Said, Stephanie Tehseldar, and Claire Tran have developed the Diaper Detective Pad.  This pad will act as an early indicator for dehydration and bacterial infection by utilizing an array of chemical indicators, which will elicit a physical color change to the respective analyte that is present when the infant urinates. Their business plan, developed in collaboration with business undergraduate student Nitin Yenigalla, calls for their paper-based lateral flow device to provide healthcare professionals and parents with a simple, effective method of determining if further medical attention is needed for the infant.

Other notable projects from this past year include the Re-Glove, developed by bioengineering students John Clark, Athena Kepler, Tai Ngo, Katie Rodriguez, and Danielle Smith with business consultation from Soroush Heidarpourmaleki, Jackie Toney, and Brady James, which utilizes a combination of electrical muscle stimulation and electroencephalography to help post-stroke victims to maximize rehabilitation and actively approach their recovery; and a non-invasive mobile transcutaneous bilirubinometer, developed by bioengineering students James Chuatoco, Stephanie Derderian, Gabriel Guzman, Vannessa Guzman, Chris Pan, and Leela Tanikella with business consultant Maricela Gomez, that provides a cheap and easy-to-use method for early detection of jaundice in infants.

The SoBA/BCOE consultancy is an excellent opportunity for business students who have taken or are enrolled in BUS 109 (Competitive and Strategic Analysis) to earn 2 units of directed study, to work with real clients and to produce a competitive business plan.  The consultancy is expanding to serve the mechanical engineers in spring term 2014 and will continue to offer consulting opportunities each quarter beginning in the fall of 2014.  Inquiries can be made by contacting Dr. Sean Jasso (SoBA) at or Dr. Hyle Park (BCOE) at

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