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From the Desk of Ted Mock, Distinguished Professor of Auditing & Assurance and 2011 Outstanding Accounting Educator (American Accounting Association)

Ted MockUnder sponsorship by Ernst & Young, Professor Michael Moore and I led a workshop years back to help design a new curriculum for accounting and auditing that will meet the needs of UCR students in the year 2020 and in the following decades.

Based on that workshop and in conjunction with other UCR faculty, a Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc) program was designed and approved by the UCR faculty. The MPAc program is focused on developing the kind of student who will be prepared for the year 2020, a professional who will have a vision – a “20/20 vision” – that meets the future demands of society.

The one-year, 48 quarter-unit program is designed to prepare students with the technical knowledge; judgment, evidential reasoning, ethical and interpersonal skills; and executive presence that are the key to a quality accounting and auditing education. Students in the program will study advanced topics in both accounting and taxation, but the major focus of the program is auditing and assurance services. Key audit and assurance courses in the program include a foundation course which focuses on evidential reasoning and risk assessment, two critical proficiencies required by audit professionals. Other important courses provide knowledge with respect to information technology auditing (modern information systems), continuous auditing & assurance, internal auditing and ethical and judgment reasoning skills.

To learn more about the MPAc Program, please email us at or call the program office at (951) 827-6200.

Ted Mock
Distinguished Professor of Auditing & Assurance
2011 Outstanding Accounting Educator (American Accounting Association)

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