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Sample AGSM Fieldwork Projects

Fieldwork in Management

Some Examples of Previous AGSM Fieldwork Projects

UCR AGSM students complete fieldwork as part of the degree process and to gain a better understanding of the job function or career they seek. In the past, student projects have included:

  • Performing market and financial research on competitors and preparing a business plan for submission to banks for multi-million dollar funding for expansion of the business through vertical acquisitions.
  • Implementing electronic management accounting and information systems to monitor company profitability and diagnose and correct problems before they become critical.
  • Performing analysis of employee job satisfaction and making recommendations for improvements in training and other human resources issues by establishing standardized procedures.
  • Analyzing systems utilized in a non-profit business and implementing system integration that increases employee efficiency, providing improved service to clients, and setting up information system strategy guidelines.
  • Designing an integrated e-commerce and database system, including a website, for a business-to-business packaging company to utilize in expanding business to Asia and Europe.
  • Analyzing and making recommendations for the reorganization of a public agency as it relates to information sharing, processing contracts and payments, revising job functions, increasing efficiency, and reducing time delays.
  • Comparing current marketing functions of a food distributor for alternative methods and developing a marketing plan to revitalize the brand and increase market share.
  • Utilizing financial analysis methods in a high-tech industry for a newly-formed, joint development semiconductor business that develops and manufactures products for the mainstream electronics market.
  • Developing Internet marketing strategy and an analysis of trends and traffic patterns for a manufacturer of consumer products.
  • Performing market research to identify target markets in the logistics industry and developing marketing strategy for long-term organizational positioning.
  • Performing corporate valuation and developing marketing strategies for initial public offering.
  • Analyzing data from a marketing survey and issuing a report with recommendations for completing sales forecasts for products currently in the developmental stages.
  • Performing cost/benefit analysis on capital expenditures.

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