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How Servicization Addresses Sustainability with A Focus on Profitability for Firms

(2/7/18) Adem Orsdemir, an assistant professor of operation and supply chain management in UC Riverside's School of Business, has been studying the concept of "servicization" for many years. His paper "Is Servicization a Win-Win Strategy? Profitability and Environmental Implications of Servicization" co-authored with Vinayak Deshpande and Ali K. Parlakturk, both from  University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill, will appear in the forthcoming issue of Managing and Service Operations Management. Read More…

Highlander Venture Fund Chooses UCR Professor's 'Next-Generation' Mosquito Repellent for Second Investment

(2/7/18) Up to $500,000 in funding will help a startup company market a killer repellent that's nontoxic, natural, and sweet-smelling. Read More…

Research Reveals Why Geography Is Central to Product Innovation

(2/1/18) California's Silicon Valley, home to companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook, is recognized across the world as a hub of innovation, and now there's empirical evidence that explains why. Read More…

Research & Scholarship

(1/10/18) When CEOs talk in less concrete terms, the stock price of their respective companies tends to suffer. Read More…

Concrete or Vague? How CEOs Talk Can Send Stocks Up or Down

(1/2/18) Concrete vocabulary can build trust among analysts, according to UCR research Read More…

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