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Class Profile

Class Profile

Profile of 2015-2016 Entering Class

Size of Entering Class: 52
Average GPA: 3.17
Average GMAT: 587
Average GRE: 312

Undergraduate Majors

Business and Commerce: 42.3%
Computer Science: 1.9%
: 1.9%
Engineering: 15.4%
Humanities: 15.4%
Law: 3.8%
Science & Math: 13.5%
Social Science
: 1.9%
Other Major: 3.8%


Location of Undergraduate Institution (US Region)

Foreign Country: 67%
California: 22%
West: 4%
Midwest: 4%
Northeast: 2%


Men: 58%
Women: 42%
Average Age: 25
Total Work Experience - Average Months: 34


“My experience at the Anderson MBA Program was excellent.I wanted to become a creative problem solver, strengthen my hard skills, and build a diverse network. I accomplished all three and more. I learned how to frame the types of unstructured business problems facing all fi rm functions. I also learned how those business functions relate to one another. The Anderson MBA Program increased my research and technical skills and gave me a strategic mental framework which taught me that business decisions are not made in a vacuum, but that implications of your decisions can be far reaching.”

- Nathan Parker, MBA 2011, Financial Analyst, Windsor Foods


“One of my greatest experiences at AGSM was with my capstone project. My team was able to combine the specialized skills that we’d learned. We were able to pick apart a whole industry - home improvement retailing - and pinpoint underperforming elements within companies. Through this capstone project and later, during an internship at Sun Microsystems, I was really able to build my confidence and realize the power of some of the tools I was trained to understand at AGSM.”

- Audun Utengen, MBA 2009, Co-founder, Symplur LLC


"AGSM provided me with a great understanding of all aspects of business through challenging and riveting coursework. I knew as an AGSM graduate I could succeed in any business fi eld I chose to work in. Yet what helped me the most was the broad selection of electives that were offered, which allowed me to test out different fields and finally find the one that most excites me."

- Ece Baykut, MBA 2009, Brand Manager, Colgate Palmolive


“My international business management course at AGSM prepared me to adjust and cope with the huge cultural differences involved in managing a business in China. And, I learned in other courses about the importance of designing an organizational structure, a chain of command, and other critical aspects of running a business anywhere.”

- Steven Y. Liang, MBA 1996, President & CEO, JW Consulting Inc., Shanghai, China


“When I started at one of the Big Six accounting firms after graduating from AGSM, it became clear in the earliest training programs that my business school education put me on par with other new employees who were graduates of the nation’s top MBA programs. My perception was borne out over the next three years as I quickly moved up in the firm.”

- Darin Anderson, MBA 1991, CEO and Chairman, Salas O’Brian Engineers

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