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Learning Outside the Classroom

Fieldwork in Management is a key and mandatory component of the AGSM programs at UCR. All students within the AGSM programs will complete fieldwork/required experiential learning as part of their degree work.

Fieldwork in Management: The Basics

The fieldwork in management course is designed to provide students the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience by exploring jobs in various industries and work environments. This allows them to combine academic knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom and apply these in a business setting working on real-world projects.

The fieldwork course provides students with opportunities to:

  • Gain meaningful work experience by exploring jobs in various industries and work environments.
  • Combine academic knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom.
  • Apply newly-learned skills in a business setting while working on real-world projects.
  • Demonstrate the ability to bring serious analytical thinking to problems of strategic importance in business.

Students are responsible for getting approval in advance of starting their fieldwork, for regular meetings with their internship advisor, and for completing a paper detailing their fieldwork experience. The fieldwork grade is based upon this summary.

Steps to a Productive Fieldwork Experience:

  • Learn about fieldwork standards and requirements.
  • Learn about the fieldwork approval process.
  • Meet some of our past fieldwork employers.
  • Sample AGSM fieldwork projects.
  • Review the project outline and format.

Information for Employers

Do you have a fieldwork position available for a UCR AGSM student? Would you like to learn more about the program? Visit our employers’ page.

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Managing unprecedented economic turmoil and evolving market expections — these are some of the challenges businesses will continue to face. UCR and AGSM are preparing students to take a solutions approach to these challenges of growth and scale.

Eric Christiansen, ‘98
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