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AGSM Student Ambassadors

AGSM Graduate Student Ambassadors

AGSM student ambassadors are a group of student leaders dedicated to serving and representing the graduate business programs at UCR. Get firsthand knowledge of student life and academics by contacting a student ambassador.  For questions, e-mail our AGSM student ambassadors at

Meet our Ambassadors 

 2015-2016 ambassador-Taljinder Kaur









 Taljinder Kaur (AGSM MBA'16 - Lead Ambassador)


2015-2016 ambassador-Tom Liu










 Tom (Yuheng) Liu (AGSM MBA'16)


2015-2016 ambassador-Alison Turner










Alison Turner (AGSM MBA'16)


2015-2016 ambassador-Yaqi Wang










Yaqi Wang (AGSM MBA'16)


2015-2016 ambassador-Shahid Mohammed










Shahid S. Mohammed (AGSM MBA'16)


2015-2016 ambassador-Shayne Bradshaw










Shyane Bradshaw (AGSM MBA'17)


2015-2016 ambassador-Richard Kanadi










Richard Kanadi (AGSM MBA'17)


2015-2016 ambassador-Jordan Cullen










Jordan Cullen (AGSM MBA'17)


2015-2016 ambassador-Jiny Hwang










Jiny Hwang (AGSM FLEX MBA)


2015-2016 ambassador-Erik Singer










Erik Singer (AGSM FLEX MBA)


2015-2016 ambassador-Chen Bob Li










Chen (Bob) Li (AGSM MPAc'16)


2015-2016 ambassador-Cindy Li










Cindy Li (AGSM MPAc'16)


2015-2016 ambassador-Kaiying Yan










Kaiying Yan (AGSM MPAc'16)


2015-2016 ambassador-Rui Tang










Rui (Grace) Tang (AGSM MPAc'16)


2015-2016 ambassador-Sameer Qadri










Sameer Qadri (AGSM MFin'16)










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