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The fieldwork in management is a partnership between the student, the institution, and the employer. The experiences gained from your fieldwork helps you to build your resume with MBA-level work experience and to apply knowledge gained from your MBA coursework.

Internship Guide

The Fieldwork in Management / Internship Guide

The Fieldwork in Management / Internship guide is a downloadable PDF that describes the entire internship process and offers additional valuable insight for students at different stages of their internship. This guide gives an overview of the fieldwork, student commitment, standards and requirements, examples of fieldwork projects, fieldwork approval process, the fieldwork forms, and employment partners.

Fieldwork Forms

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Form and FAQ

    This form is only for international students working in paid fieldwork. It allows international students to apply for curricular practical training (CPT) if the work experience is an integral part of the degree program.

  • Petition for Fieldwork in Management Form (298I)

    This form is filled out by the student to apply for the Fieldwork in Management Program. Students who submit this form must also:

    • Provide a detailed statement of the scope of duties to be performed during fieldwork and a copy of the job description.
    • Describe the academic knowledge and skills acquired that will be applied during this fieldwork.
    • Provide a description of the research paper/project to be produced to academic supervisor and MBA Career Services.
    • Specify what type of regular interaction/supervision will be done with academic supervisor during the fieldwork period.
  • Fieldwork in Management Position Description Form

    This form must be completed by the employer and submitted by the student with the 298I form prior to beginning fieldwork.

  • Employer Evaluation of Student Intern Form

    This form is for employers to evaluate the performance of student interns during and after the fieldwork period.

Find a Faculty Advisor

A faculty advisor is required to oversee the work and deliverable items of each student's internship projects. A list of available faculty advisors may be found using the following link:


Area of Accounting
Hyun A Hong(951) 827‑7325Anderson Hall 0205
Woody Liao(951) 827‑6451Anderson Hall 0202
Barry Mishra(951) 827‑7707Anderson Hall 0217
Theodore Mock(951) 827‑2333Anderson Hall 0209
Michael Moore(951) 827‑7325Anderson Hall 0205
Waymond Rodgers(951) 827‑6329Anderson Hall 0162
Area of Finance
Peter Chung(951) 827‑3906Anderson Hall 0146
Yawen Jiao(951) 827‑3653Anderson Hall 0129
Ivalina Kalcheva(951) 827‑2325Anderson Hall 0137
Thomas Kim(951) 827‑4995Anderson Hall 0242
Yun Liu(951) 827‑6447Anderson Hall 0214
David Mayers(951) 827‑5300Anderson Hall 0138
Richard Smith(951) 827‑3554Anderson Hall 0141
Area of Information Systems
Area of Management
John Haleblian(951) 827‑4848Anderson Hall 0250
Michael Haselhuhn(951) 827‑3608Anderson Hall 0234
Ye Li(951) 827‑3694Anderson Hall 0218
Boris Maciejovsky(951) 827‑4786Anderson Hall 0213
Amnon Rapoport(951) 827‑4996Anderson Hall 0226
Marlo Raveendran(951) 827‑6192Anderson Hall 0233
Elaine Wong(951) 827‑7319Anderson Hall 0238
Kathleen Montgomery(951) 827‑6329Anderson Hall 0162
G Lawrence Zahn(951) 827‑6329Anderson Hall 0162
Area of Marketing
Xing Pan(951) 827‑6333Anderson Hall 0229
Jorge Silva-Risso(951) 827‑7705Anderson Hall 0201
Charles Zhang(951) 827‑4994Anderson Hall 0246
Rami Zwick(951) 827‑7766Anderson Hall 0222
David Stewart(951) 827‑6329Anderson Hall 0162
Area of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Bajis Dodin(951) 827‑4284Anderson Hall 0130
Mohsen El Hafsi(951) 827‑4557Anderson Hall 0134
Long Gao(951) 827‑5284Anderson Hall 0221
Elodie Goodman(951) 827‑7882Anderson Hall 0225
Yunzeng Wang(951) 827‑4237Anderson Hall 0122

International Student Information

International students with questions in regards to internships and employment while in the US should visit the UCR International Student Resource Center.

Glassdoor Access

The Career Development Center and Glassdoor have partnered together to provide free and unlimited access to Glassdoor's extensive database. As a result of this partnership, AGSM students will get an inside look on company-specific salary information, interview questions, and even reviews from current and past employees. Use the link below to begin using Glassdoor.

Glassdoor Access

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