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Student Commitment for the Fieldwork in Management

The Academic Internship component of the AGSM Graduate Program is a significant part of your educational process that you can use to grow your career. With that in mind, students are encouraged to find an internship project in a job function that corresponds with your career goals.

The program is designed for you to obtain MBA level work experience, build your resume, and develop your skills while applying your recently acquired knowledge from your MBA coursework.

In order for the student to receive course credit for successfully completing an internship, the project must be no less than 120 hours worked and no less than five weeks in duration. Furthermore, the internship position cannot consist of more than 20% in clerical duties performed.

To ensure a positive internship experience for both you and the company you work for, students are expected to follow these guidelines:

  •  Identify a project that correlates with your career and academic interests.
  • Maintain open, regular communication with the employer.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with teams in a corporate environment, maintain effective communication and interpersonal skills as evaluated by the employer.
  • Exercise professional judgment through maintaining confidentiality of the organization's records, exhibiting professional behavior at all times, and providing a quality report that reflects responsibility in business.
  • Demonstrate prescribed research skills and knowledge of resources to find information and analyze selected industries and companies.
  • Demonstrate abilities in time and project management by completing assignments on or ahead of schedule.
  • Produce a written report following the criteria of the Field Work in Management Project Guidelines (298I).

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