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Fieldwork in Management Standards and Requirements

Fieldwork In Management Standards And Requirements

The primary purpose of the fieldwork in management/required experiential learning is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the corporate world by providing students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in real management situations. It also helps students explore career options, develop contacts, and build their resume with work experience. Students receive academic credit and a letter grade for the course.

The credit is given for the academic component of the course (project), not for the work experience itself.

It is the academic supervisor's responsibility to see that students are required to generate some valuable academic learning from the experience. The academic component should be spelled out in the proposal that each student submits to the academic supervisor. The Petition for Fieldwork in Management (298I) form asks you to:

  • Provide a detailed statement of the scope of duties you will be performing during your fieldwork.
  • Describe academic knowledge and skills acquired that will be applied during this fieldwork.
  • Description of the paper, project that you will produce and provide to the academic supervisor and career services.
  • Details of regular interaction you will have with the faculty supervisor throughout the fieldwork period.
  • The written product normally takes the form of a paper (usually 10 to 20 pages, see project outline and format instructions) that applies some course concepts to the work the student has done or presents an analysis of aspects of the organization and/or its practices as observed by the student. In some cases the student's job is to produce a report or plan for the organization. The student will discuss the details and expectation of the paper with the faculty advisor.
  • A minimum of 120 hours at the fieldwork site are required for the course. These hours are normally spread over eight to ten weeks, with a minimum of five weeks duration, in order for the student to obtain a reasonable grasp of job functions and organizational structure. Most large organizations with structured summer internship programs require 40 hours/week for 10 weeks (400 hours).
  • A copy of the final written product and the student's evaluation form must be submitted to the director of career services in The A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management Student Affairs Office at the same time the final product is submitted to the academic supervisor. Students must also submit a one-page written summary of their fieldwork experience.

Both forms should be signed and completed prior to the beginning of the fieldwork.

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