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Project Outline and Format

Fieldwork Project Outline and Format

As part of the fieldwork project you will be expected to complete a report detailing the project and research you worked on during your fieldwork. The following guidelines will help you present a thorough report:

  • The report should be a minimum of 10-20 pages.
  • The title page should follow UC Riverside’s School of Business Administration style guidelines. A sample is available here.
  • The table of contents should list the major sections of your report, including appendices with page numbers.
  • The executive summary outlines your fieldwork experience and how it relates to your academic learning. This section holds the major findings and implications of the project.
  • The company profile should include relevant literature, information used in your research or project.

The description of the project/research conducted should include the following information:

  • The overall purpose, objective, aim, goal, etc. of the report.
  • An overview of the company without divulging trade information.
  • The importance of the project to the company, including benefits of understanding recommendations and clear implementation steps.
  • All relevant documentation to support implementation, decision alternatives and their merits.
  • The background/history of the situation, including organizational goals, structure, and environment.

The report should also feature recommended improvements.  The faculty advisor will provide guidelines for the substance and format of your paper.


  • Typeface — should be at least 10 point type.
  • Margins — should be 1" on the top, bottom, left, and right margins.
  • Spacing — use double spaces between lines for easier reading.
  • Page number — should be clearly marked on appendices as well as body of report.
  • Visual cues — (e.g. headings, bullets, underlines) should be used consistently throughout the paper for clarity of presentation.
  • Charts and tables — should be clearly labeled on all axes, including names and units, with titles and any secondary sources cited below. Charts and tables should be strong elements of your story that break up the written page, creating interest and variety.
  • Citations — data sources should be cited when mentioned. For example, if you state that 60% of all internet users are male, you must cite where the data came from and the date of the report.
  • Spell check! — Avoid typographic and grammatical errors — they create a highly unprofessional document.

Submitting the Report

You must submit all of the following at the completion of your fieldwork:

  • One copy of the final written product to the academic supervisor.
  • One copy of the final written product to the director of career services.
  • A one-page summary of your fieldwork experience.

The paper should be turned in by end of the quarter of completion.

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