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Fieldwork Approval Process

What to do Before Starting Your Fieldwork

Prior to starting fieldwork for the AGSM Fieldwork in Management Program, you must complete the fieldwork approval process. This involves completely and accurately filling out the 298I Petition and the Fieldwork Position Description. Include a copy of the job description from the employer. Please carefully follow these steps to complete the process.

1 Complete the Fieldwork in Management (298I) form

  • You will need to complete the 298I form with your site supervisor.
  • Detail the scope of duties you will be performing during your fieldwork in section 1 of the 298I form.
  • Obtain the site supervisor's signature.

2 Complete the Fieldwork Position Description form

3 Get a faculty advisor

  • A faculty member must serve as your academic supervisor for the duration of the fieldwork.
  • You and your advisor must agree upon the written product to be produced and the academic skills that will be applied during the fieldwork. This will be entered into section 2 of the 298I form. Please complete all four questions on a separate sheet of paper.
  • Faculty Advisor List
Area of Accounting
Hyun 'Shana' Hong(951) 827‑7325Anderson Hall 0205
Ke 'Kevin' Li(951) 827‑4993Anderson Hall 0022
Woody Liao(951) 827‑6451Anderson Hall 0202
Barry Mishra(951) 827‑7707Anderson Hall 0217
Theodore Mock(951) 827‑2333Anderson Hall 0209
Richard Savich(951) 827‑6448Anderson Hall 0133
Daniel Almendarez(951) 827‑5280Olmsted Hall 2331
Kevin Craig Hartley(951) 827‑5279Olmsted Hall 2329
Kathryn Johnson(951) 827‑6288Anderson Hall 0200D
Jonathan Pittard(951) 827‑5282Olmsted Hall 2335
Jerald Savin(951) 827‑2547Anderson Hall 0200G
Craig Weaver(951) 827‑5280Olmsted Hall 2331
Area of Finance
Alexander Barinov(951) 827‑3684Anderson Hall 0018
Peter Chung(951) 827‑3906Anderson Hall 0146
Jean Helwege(951) 827‑4284Anderson Hall 0130
Yawen Jiao(951) 827‑3653Anderson Hall 0129
Ivalina Kalcheva(951) 827‑2325Anderson Hall 0137
Richard Smith(951) 827‑3554Anderson Hall 0141
Greg Matthew Richey(951) 827‑3616Anderson Hall 0054
Ghulam Sarwar(951) 827‑5279Olmsted Hall 2329
Area of Information Systems
Asish Satpathy(951) 827‑5281Olmsted Hall 2333
Kan Wang(951) 827‑5280Olmsted Hall 2331
Area of Management
Timothy Gubler(951) 827‑3674Anderson Hall 0010
Jerayr 'John' Haleblian(951) 827‑4846Anderson Hall 0250
Michael Haselhuhn(951) 827‑3608Anderson Hall 0234
Ye Li(951) 827‑3694Anderson Hall 0218
Haibo Liu(951) 827‑2920Anderson Hall 0014
Boris Maciejovsky(951) 827‑4786Anderson Hall 0213
Marlo Raveendran(951) 827‑6192Anderson Hall 0233
Elaine Wong(951) 827‑7319Anderson Hall 0238
Kyle E Ingram(951) 827‑3612Anderson Hall 0046
Arturo Jesus Alcaraz(951) 827‑5280Olmsted Hall 2331
Scott John Burd(951) 827‑5282Olmsted Hall 2335
Sean Jasso(951) 827‑5281Olmsted Hall 2333
Gary Patterson(951) 827‑5279Olmsted Hall 2329
Raj Singh(951) 827‑5282Olmsted Hall 2335
Area of Marketing
Subramanian Balachander(951) 827‑4999Anderson Hall 0237
Hai Che(951) 827‑6447Anderson Hall 0214
Thomas Kramer(951) 827‑7765Anderson Hall 0229
Ashutosh Prasad(951) 827‑6329Anderson Hall 0242
Jorge Silva-Risso(951) 827‑7705Anderson Hall 0201
Ashish Sood(951) 827‑3643Anderson Hall 0050
Charles Zhang(951) 827‑4994Anderson Hall 0246
Rami Zwick(951) 827‑7766Anderson Hall 0222
Sherryl Lee Berg-Ridenour(951) 827‑5279Olmsted Hall 2329
Ali Dehghan(951) 827‑5280Olmsted Hall 2331
Frank Fialho(951) 827‑5280Olmsted Hall 2331
Area of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Mohsen El Hafsi(951) 827‑4557Anderson Hall 0134
Long Gao(951) 827‑5284Anderson Hall 0221
Elodie Goodman(951) 827‑7882Anderson Hall 0225
Adem Orsdemir(951) 827‑2932Anderson Hall 0142
Yunzeng Wang(951) 827‑3704Anderson Hall 0122
Kamvar Farahbod(951) 827‑5279Olmsted Hall 2329

4 Write a description of the final product to be completed

  • Upon agreement with the faculty advisor, describe the scope of the final project you plan to produce in section 3 of the 298I form and completely fill out the Fieldwork Description form.

5 Review and signature

  • Submit your completed 298I form along with the Fieldwork Description form to the MBA career services director for review and signature.
  • Meet with the graduate advisor for approval and signature.

6 Final approval and submission

  • Make an appointment with the graduate advisor for approval and final signature.
  • Submit completed and signed 298I form with four questions on separate sheet of paper, fieldwork description form, employer's copy of the job description to the MBA Student Affairs office before your first day of employment.

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