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AGSM Profile: Yue Cheng (AGSM MBA ’10)

Yue Cheng

A passion for operations management research was stoked by Yue Cheng's MBA program studies. She is now a Ph.D. student.

Armed with an MBA from UCR and a master's degree in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Yue Cheng (MBA '10) now has her sights on her next goal:  a Ph.D.

"I have enjoyed working as a research assistant and a teaching assistant for the past three years," she said. "And my experience in supply chain management has led me to pursue additional research in this area."

She first stoked her passion for operations management when as an MBA student, she did a simulation project about the value of information in supply chain. Other research opportunities at UCR also stimulated her interest in supply chain management.

"I still remember Dr. Mohsen Elhafsi, who wrote a recommendation letter for my application," she said. "He gave me some very interesting papers about disruptions in supply chain management. Meanwhile, Dr. Long Gao, who taught me statistics and simulations courses, gave me some basic knowledge needed for supply chain research. Although the simulation class is kind of difficult for MBA students to handle, it provides an opportunity for those students who want to pursue further education to build up some modeling background."

She is now pursuing a Ph.D at the Smeal College of Business, following in the footsteps of her father, an engineering professor. "His career experience showed me a picture of research life and I realized I loved it," she said.

Immersed in her doctoral studies, she feels she's now in a different world.

"Compared to a college education, a Ph.D. program is not just taking classes. It is more like running a company and you are the only employer and employee. You need to not only learn academic knowledge, but also build and increase the ability to gather information and help from outside. Communication and socialization are very important to business school students."

Cheng offers these helpful tips to would-be Ph.D. students:  "I would suggest for MBA students who are interested in the supply chain area to do at least one independent project with faculty members before submitting their application," she said. "There are three reasons for this. First, you will get an idea of how to write a research paper. I realized it is more complicated than I expected. Second, you will know if you really like research and are willing to contribute your time and energy for the next five years. Third, once you make up your mind to do the application, this independent study experience could be part of your personal statement."

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